Poulan Pro PP5020AV 20-Inch Chainsaw Review

The best gas powered chainsaw in the business is going to last you a long time, and it is going to fit a series of different tasks to perfection. We know that the market is drenched in chainsaw brands, and trying to find the right one for you can be difficult. Sticking to big named brands is a good way to go, and Poulan chainsaw reviews all point to quality being the mainstay.

This chainsaw is best for…

Any chainsaw has to be used with caution, but this particular one is great for smaller jobs, such as tidying up after storms which have left a lot of damage outside, cutting up firewood, tidying up jobs in the garden etc. Having said that, this Poulan pro chainsaw is also more than capable of cutting up timber too, making it a good all-rounder product.

Key features

  • Extra long engine life thanks to the DuraLife feature with 50cc performance
  • The air filter also has an boost due to the SuperClean air filter system, which keeps the filter going for longer and does not clog
  • Pull start mechanism
  • Reduced vibration handle for ease of use
  • Chain oiler is automatic
  • Locking scrench holder installed
  • Comes with carry case included in the price

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This chainsaw meets all safety requirements for chainsaw use, provided the user also does their bit by wearing protective clothing and operating the machine properly. The reduced vibration handle also helps with safety because it cuts down on fatigue whilst working with the machine, which means the user can hold it steady for much longer.


  • Those who need to use the saw for more heavy duty tasks, e.g. professional use, may find this particular product not quite enough
  • The chain has been reported to need replacing quite frequently, however they are easy to find

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There are many additional extras on this product which make it one of the best gas chainsaws on the market today. We mentioned the big brand name, and again, that is a major perk when looking for quality and peace of mind. You only have to check out one Poulan chainsaw review to see that they are extremely positive, and this is also a durable option to go for, because of the extended engine and air filter life; the DuraLife and SuperClean functions make easy work of more life in your saw.

The machine is also very easy to use, thanks to the pull starting system, and the vibration reduction handle means that the user does not become uncomfortable or tired when using it either. Again, this is another lightweight option to go for, so you will also find it easier to hold the saw steady when cutting.

The are many Poulan chainsaws for sale, but this particular option is an affordable and quality choice, and the low price means that you aren’t going to be breaking the bank at your initial purchase. If you do need to buy replacement parts over time, such as the chain, you will find these very readily available, because Poulan is a big name in the market overall. The only real downside is that lightweight saws on the market at this price aren’t really the best for huge tasks, e.g. professional sawing jobs, but if you are looking for domestic use, e.g. in your home garden, then this is a fantastic product to go with.

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