The Best Gardens in the World to Visit

There are certain places in the world that naturally make us want to spend our time there, and gardens are definitely one of them. A garden is a place to relax, unwind and to contemplate life for while, whilst also enjoying the beauty that nature offers.

Something that makes a garden so impressive is the amount of work that is put into it. A garden is hard work and requires careful maintenance which is why Best Chainsaws and Things exists – to make finding the best garden equipment easy. But what are the best gardens in the world?

Take a look at some of the worlds most exceptional gardens below.

Gardens by the bay Singapore

Something that makes this Gardens by the Bay so special is it’s location. Positioned right on the waterfront of Marina Bay in Singapore, this impressive garden couldn’t be located more perfectly and sets the scene for what is truly an amazing garden.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Much of the worlds most incredible tropical plants can be found here. There are several conservatories dedicated to specific flora including The Cloud Forest where you will find plants from higher altitudes around the tropics and other areas.

This is an amazing place to be impressed by the diversity of the worlds plants and will definitely leave you impressed.

Baha’i Gardens Israel

Lending to the Baha’i Gardens in Israel being such an amazing garden is its position. Among some of the holiest places and perfectly landscaped with monuments and stairs set among it, the garden extends over Mount Carmel where its beauty can be seen from above.

Baha'i Gardens Israel

Baha’i Gardens, Israel

In recognition of their artistic significance, these gardens have since become a UNESCO site. Walking up the stairs may be tough, but it is worth it for the view from above. The beauty really is breathtaking and must be seen first hand to be fully appreciated.

Longwood Gardens USA

Displaying some of the best exotic plants in the USA, this is more than just a garden. The garden adapts to the season and so features different displays during the year, whilst also holding educational talks from professional horticulturalists and workshops.

Longwood Garden, USA

Longwood Gardens, USA – Photo credit: Petruha via cc

The gardens area has a long history and holds a huge range of plants, fountains and events over the year drawing around a million visitors per year. The garden has a load of different exhibits including my favorite – the Victoria Collection.

The garden also features some of the best sculpted trees which are fantastic and it is obvious to see the effort that is put into them.

Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore

Singapore is known as the garden city and was envisioned as being a city within a garden rather than a garden within a city – and no where is this more obvious than its Botanic Gardens. The Singapore botanic gardens was previously chosen as garden of the year and features Singapore’s most beautiful and largest Orchid collection.

Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore – Photo credit: Joshua Eckert via cc

Open from 5am to 12am, there is so much time to enjoy this park. One of the best things to see in this park is the small but impressive rain forest, and the waterfall in the Ginger Gardens. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage due to its impressive range of plants, you will need to come here and see it for yourself.

Sankeien Garden Yokohama Tokyo

Japanese gardens are known for their zen and a list of the best gardens in the world is incomplete without one. There are so many to choose from and the Sankeien Garden in Yokohama is just one of them. With bamboo and ponds you will get a true sense of the serenity of a Japanese garden.

Yokohama Tokyo, Japan

Yokohama Tokyo, Japan – Photo credit: Özgür Cam via cc

The best time to visit is definitely from March to experience the changing season and beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Naples Botanical Garden

With plants of both the tropics and subtropics, this is a lush and fun garden to spend the whole day with your family. It is obvious to see why – being located in Florida the climate is perfect for a diverse range of plants, and the beauty of this garden is drawing the attention of more and more visitors each year.

Naples Botanical Garden, USA

Naples Botanical Garden, USA – Photo credit: mark_whitton via cc

One of the newer gardens, this garden includes several different areas to enjoy such as the Kapnick Brazilian Garden which features some diverse plants. There is also a visitors center and Café so that you can spend the entire day immersed in its beauty.

New York Botanical Garden

Many of you will be familiar with New York Botanical Garden but it definitely deserves a mention. Over 250 acres and 50 different gardens, the garden has everything from humid plants to desert flora, and it is a fantastic place to take a glimpse of everything the natural world has to offer.

New York Botanical Gardens, USA

New York Botanical Garden, USA – Photo credit: Kristine Paulus via cc

The gardens adapt to the changing season and it is especially great to see the holiday exhibits featured in the Conservatory. Along with the plants, this garden features some of the best art work in the gardening world.

With the library and stone mill there too, its a great place to take in some history and a fantastic place for the whole family to enjoy a day.

Did we miss any? What are some of the other best gardens in the world?

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